Don’t Panic 5/?



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Vriska wakes me up at five in the morning. She must’ve put my head on her lap while I was asleep, because I really can’t remember using her bony knees as a pillow. Honestly, I can’t help but think to myself that the floor is actually a bit more comfortable than her.

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Don’t Panic 3/?


Thanks again for the ever sweet Inverts for helping me with this chapter! I hope you all like it! Expect things to get a lot more exciting from now on~))

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((This was supposed to be a bondage porn fic based on a dream I had, and this came out! Don’t ask me, I don’t even know. But I’m still pretty satisfied with the outcome. I’ll def write the bondage porn later tho.))

((I dedicate this one to marzichan, the roleplayer behind the great General Terror!  You’re amazing, and your ficlets are always something I look forward to. Keep up the great work!))

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Summary: You two would admit, only if asked though, that your relationship is kind of… weird, to say the least. But neither one of you could care less.

Still, constantly, people insist to remind you of the fact that Otto’s a robot, as if you didn’t know that already.
As if you didn’t always know that.

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Don’t Panic 2/?

I’m so glad to finally be able to post this, you guys. It’ll be in my AO3 in a couple of minutes.

Thank you very very much, Inverts, for helping me with this <3 hopefully the third chapter will be out faster than this one.

Second chapter of “Don’t Panic”, the story before Inverts’ "Mostly Harmless", under the cut. Trigger warning for blood, torture, minor gore and abduction.

2nd chapter on AO3

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winds-shadow said: soll/march!eridan or vriska/terezi (redrom for either please?) <3

When Vriskas kisses your lips, she’s soft. Softer than the night breeze, softer than the stream of water falling down the faucet, softer than the brush of the petal of a rose.

Softer than Vriska.

It feels unusual, and you hesitate for about a second. She notices it, and pushes you back with her lips, holding your shoulders on a tight grip. You push her back, groaning both with annoyance and need.

It’s weird. It feels weird, how gentle she’s being with you, how you feel her grip on your bones as rough as you thought that her kiss would feel like. It’s weird when you two open your mouths at the same time, in a wonderful synchrony, how you feel her moaning inside your mouth, how she seems overly aware of her fangs and seems careful to not scrape your tongue.

It’s weird and it’s wonderful. It feels wrong and it feels right all the same. You furrow your brows, both in deep thought and concentration, and you lean over her, presses your bodies together, clasps one hand on the middle of her back and the other on her left thigh. She slides one of her hands in your hair, tangling her fingers in your short black bangs, the other one resting at your waist, pulling you closer still. She deepens the kiss, and it all becomes one slobbery mess of tongues and saliva and blood because now there’s no way you can avoid prickling your lips at her dagger sharp teeth.

“Pyrope…” she whispers, and oh god this is just too much to take. Without your sight, you can’t see the expression she’s pulling, but you can taste her blush with your mouth, feel the curves of her body with your palms, smell all the nervousness and the heat and the need she’s feeling right now like an exotic and colorful perfume.

And you remember she was the one who blinded you in the first place.

Instead of becoming furious about it, you kiss her even harder, because if you weren’t blind, you wouldn’t be able to see things like you do.

The fact that you became blind just like your lusus was faith’s doing, not Vriska.

If it wasn’t Vriska, you would still be blind by now through some other shenanigan life would definitely pull at you. You just know that.

And you love the fact that she was the one to do it in the end.

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Anonymous said: John/Vriska ?

Vriska stared at me, those blank eyes that I was sure I had as well. She gave me a half smile, and it was sad. It was a sad smile, and it was so sad it almost made me stopped on her tracls and turned want to cry.

“Thanks for showing me around”, she whispered, and I could hear the angst in her tone. She looked down, watching her feet kick the cold snow, that sad, sad smile still plastered across her face. I watched her black hair being caressed by the soft wind, and even when my nose was so cold I thought it was going to fall off any moment now, I didn’t dare look away. 

“I know I’m not your John”, I whispered, and she chuckled, and that chuckle was even sadder; sadder than her smile, than her posture and her eyes and her fluttery wings altogether. “I know I’m not him, but I could be if you want me to be.”

She stopped on her tracks. I did too.

“…do you want me to be your John?”

The words sounded funny after I said them, but I guess she kind of understood what I was trying to say.

After a few seconds, she slowly turned her head towards me.

“Do you like Nic Cage?”

I nodded, grinning.

She chuckled again and got back to staring at her feet.

“…we’ll see, John. We’ll see.”

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Don’t Panic 1/?

((Okay, so, this is another fic I’m working on! The story behind it? I always wanted to read the ‘first part’ of Inverts’ fic, “Mostly Harmless”, and one day, I asked her if she ever intended on writing it, and if she wasn’t that I would love to do it! We chatted for a while and discussed how John first met the trolls; she told me about the things she had already thought of, together we thought about the things she hadn’t, and thus, the first chapter was made! I am having lots of fun with this! I hope you all like it!))

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Summary: The task given to me would’ve been a lot easier if only I wasn’t the only person in this building to care about these aliens’ lives.

The moment I first stepped into the cold lab and saw them, only one thing came to my mind:

I need to get them out of here. And fast.

(warning for major character death and graphic descriptions of violence and torture)

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