Ever since I posted the very last chapter of Don’t Panic, I’ve recieved at least one new comment on the fic per week.

And it’s just

seriously guys.

Thank you so, so much.

Words cannot describe how happy it makes me whenever I see someone leaving a comment or kudos on my fics. It’s the main reason I keep writing, and why I love doing it so much.

To make up for the rather short last chapter, the 4th chapter of Don’t Panic is almost finished - and so is the fic, unfortunately. It’ll have two, maybe three more chapters, making the fic 6 or 7 chapters long, and honest to god, I would’ve never have made it without Inverts’ support and wonderful imagination (let’s not forget people! She’s the one who came up with this wonderful story, I’m just helping her bring it to life) and for all of your love. For that and for much, much more, I thank you, my readers. 

I may not reply to all of your comments, but I read all of them. And I love all of them.

Thank you.

EDIT: THE LATEST CHAPTER OF DON’T PANIC IS DONE DONE AND FUCKING DONE. I’m just waiting for Inverts’ review now. Fourteen pages guy, awwww yeaaaaah! Should have it up by Friday, tops. :D