Fuck Me


Kayleigh, sorry for the delay! Here’s your fic :> I hope you like it, even though it doesn’t have the full sex, hehehe))

Fic on AO3

"Fuck me." John said, a bit breathless. Karkat froze, unsure of what to do. His long-term matesprit (boyfriend, partner, whatever you wanna call it), the goofy dude who loved to joke around and laugh and giggle and be on top during sex, was now splayed beneath his arms, eyes half-lidded and foggy with lust, swollen lips half parted as he took in shuddering breaths. "J-just… god, please, Karkat, fuck me, I-I need you, please…!”

And just like that, Karkat’s pants became impossibly tight, neck and face unbearably hot.

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